How much are admission tickets?
Pre-sale: $12 at all HEB loocations, Joint-Base San Antonio locations: Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston,

Randolph AFB.

Event Weekend: $15 at Event Gate, at all HEB locations, Joint-Base San Antonio locations: Lackland AFB,

Fort Sam Houston, and Randolph AFB.



Children 12 years and under: FREE!!


Does TMF 2019 take Credit Cards?

No. ATONO is a cash only event. Patrons will convert cash into event coupons to purchase all

food and drinks.


Are ATM machines located TMF 2019?

Yes. ATM’s are located inside ATONO and is monitored throughout the event to make sure

they are working at all times.


What are the Event times?

Saturday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 9:00pm


Is there parking at TMF 2019?

Lockwood Park where Taste Fest 2019 is located, is a public park.

There is free parking areas but patrons will contend with visitors to the San Antonio Zoo and various other park activities going on. The city of San Antonio does provide a pay to use parking garage near St. Mary's and Alvin St. for TMF 2019 patrons to use.


TYS has partnered with VIA Park and Ride to make it very easy for TMF 2019 patrons to go right from the various Park and Ride locations right to the front gates of TMF 2019. You can get more information here on Park and Ride.


Is there a Lost and Found office?

There is a Lost and Found office located in the offices behind the stage. If you lost something,

check-in with the office there. If you found something, give it to one of the TYS members or

our Park Police Officers.


Are pets allowed?
Only service animals are allowed on the Taste Fest grounds, so please leave your

pets at home. Pets are ok in the park across from Taste Fest


Are portable chairs allowed?
Yes! Taste Fest has limited seating so portable chairs are welcomed.


Are blankets allowed in the park to lay/sit on?
Yes! Taste Fest has grass area where patrons like to sit out on and listen to the

music and people watch.


Are ice-chests allowed in the park?
No. Ice chests are not allowed. Neither is outside food or drinks allowed in the park.


What if I need medical attention?

There are medical volunteers located inside the park that are equipped to handle medical

situations as they arise. 


Answer to your question wasn't found?

Email us at: info@taste-ys.org